FI & EE CH, BALT VCH & EE VCH & LV VCH & LT VCH, Valmiera Veteran Winner-16

Lacrima Christi Close to Ozone

© A. & Z. Radic

"Alma" at 6 weeks

© A. & Z. Radic

"Alma" at 8 weeks

© A. & Z. Radic

Alma at 8,5 weeks

© A. & Z. Radic

Alma at 8,5 weeks

Eetu & Alma: 2nd day at new home for Alma

Alma & Ghia; first week in new home

Alma & Mera; first week in new home

Alma 4 months nursing the O'zone G-litter at 5 weeks

© J. Heino

Alma expression ~ 4 months

© J. Heino

Alma stand ~ 4 months

© H. Pantsar

Alma & Otso wrestling - November'07

© J. Korhonen

Alma 15 months in Hyvinkää 20.9.2008 show

© A. Dreher

Alma in Finnish Charatertest 27.9.2009

© A. Dreher

Alma in Finnish Charatertest 27.9.2009

© A. Dreher

Alma in Finnish Charatertest 27.9.2009

© O. Vilkuna

From left to right, Dals on the road: Alma, Ikaros & Ilmari, August '10

© V. Vesterinen

Alma almost 4 years

© V. Turunen

Family portrait: WJW-11 Oz. Kharisma with proud parents Fi&EE CH LC Close To Ozone and C.I.B.&BALT&FI&RU&EE&LV< CH EEW-08 BH AD Oz. Evald, June 2011

© O. Vilkuna

Oz. Lionheart aka Oiva 2.5 years & LC Close To Ozone aka Alma 6.5.years, 10/2013

Alma 12.5 years 01/2020

Alma 07/2020 © S. Manninen

Ilmari almost 12 years & Alma almost 13.5 years 09/2020 © O. Vilkuna

Alma 10/2020 © O. Vilkuna

8.6.2007 - 12.10.2020 (eutanasia; lymphosarcoma)

Farewell and until we meet again. Thank You dear "Alma" for all these years, all your love and having been just You.

owner: O. Vilkuna, Finland

BAER +/+ (bilateral hearing)
full dentition + 2 x extra P1

Finnish Charactertest (LT 27.9.2009 +71 p.)

Progeny: O'zone K-litter

retired from breeding



Busby's Freschman


Kjmo's Dennis


Busby's Belle

Multi EUR CH

Salsusa Eternal Star


Theakston Tamerlan


Olympic Star of Olbero

INT & Multi CH

Spotnik's Witty Wagtail

N & S u CH

Spotnik's Snow Storm

N u CH

Spotnik's Quick Quackery

S & N u CH

Spotnik's Milkmaid


Spotnik's Primadonna

INT & N & S u CH

Dalmo's Educated Edgar

N u CH

Spotnik's Mad Madonna

Shown in Baby class (5-7 months)

Helsinki 25.11.2007 4th Best Baby Female for S. Juutilainen (FIN)

Helsinki 2.12.2007 2nd Best Baby Female & HP for M. Kosonen (FIN)

Shown in Puppy class (7-9 months)

Turku CACIB 27.1.2008 VP 1 for J. Fertig (DE)

Shown in Junior class

World Dalmatian Show 2008 - Almare Stäket - Swedish Dalmatian Speciality Show 5.7.2008 EX for B.-Å. Bogren (SWE)

World Winner Show, Stockholm 6.7.2008 G for H. Assenmacher-Feyel (D)

Shown in Open class

Tallinn, Estonia EX 1, Best Female, CAC, BOB, BIG 2 for M. Johanssen (SWE)

Shown in Champion class

Druskininkai, Lithuania 6.8.2010 EX 2, 2nd Best Female, res-CACIB R. Reyniers (BE)

Druskininkai, Lithuania 7.8.2010 EX 2 H. Boelaars (NL)

Tallinna INT, Estonia 21.8.2010 VG 2 for J. Kruus (EE)

Tallinna INT, Estonia 22.8.2010 EX 3, 4th Best Female for M. Kavcic (SLO)

Tallinna INT, Estonia 12.2.2011 EX 1, Best Female, CACIB, BOS for D. Pauniovic (Serbia)

Riga INT, Latvia 11.6.2011 EX 4 for J. M. L. Borges (PT)

Riga INT, Latvia 12.6.2011 EX 3 for I. Pablaka (LV

Shown in veteran class

17.10.2015 Rakvere ((Estonia) EX1 CQ Vet-CAC BOB-Vet -> EE VetCH for M. Poggesi (IT)

18.10.2015 Rakvere (Estonia) EX1 CQ BOB-Vet for G- Zhuk (Belarus)

20.2.2016 Valmiera (Latvia), Nat. show 6"Valmiera Winner-16" for E. Matveeva (RUS); EX1 CQ BOB-Veteran VetCAC -> LV VetCH & Valmiera Veteran Winner-16!!!, Best Female BOS

21.2.2016 Valmiera (Latvia), for R. Lochs-Romans (NL); EX1 CQ BOB-vet 2nd Best Female

Alma's official show results in Finland

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