CIB & FI & BALT & LV & LT & EE CH & Baltic Winner-12 & TLN WCup Veteran Winner-17 & Tallin Veteran Winner-17, LVVW-17, EE VetCH & LV VetCH & LT VetCH & BALT VetCH, MH

O'zone Indira

© H. Pantsar

Indira at 4 weeks

© H. Pantsar

Indira at 4 weeks

© H. Pantsar

Indira at 4 weeks

© H. Pasanen

Indira at 6,5 weeks

© H. Pasanen

Indira at 6,5 weeks

© S. Säilä

Indira at 12 weeks

© S. Säilä

Indira at 12 weeks out in the show

© S. Säilä

Indira at 12 weeks & grandmother Peppi 7,5 years

© S. Säilä

Indira at 12 weeks sitting

© O. Vilkuna

Indira at 5,5 months

© O. Vilkuna

Sister and brother: Miina & Ilmari checking out the lake shore after long winter, 1.5.12

© O. Vilkuna

Indira almost 3½ years

© E. Dragovic

O'zone Indira in ANIF Salzburg 19.5.2012

© K. Dolmatoff

BOS Aragorn The King Vitalight & BOB BOG-2 O'zone Indira, Riga INT 9.6.2012

© O. Vilkuna

Danny & Miina, 29.9.12

© O. Vilkuna

Miina almost 4 years, 10/2012

CIB & FI & BALT & LV & LT & EE CH & Baltic Winner-12 & TLN WCup Veteran Winner-17 & Tallin Veteran Winner-17, LVVW-17, EE VetCH & LV VetCH & LT VetCH & BALT VetCH, MH O'zone Indira BOS-Vet 2nd Best Female at FinDAL Speciality-17

© M. Toivanen

3.12.2008 -

previous co-owners: kennel O'zone & S. Koskelo
owner (from 12/2013): kennel O'zone

BAER +/-
ED 0/0

Finnish Charactertest (LT 28.10.2012 +10 p.)

I disagree with the interpretation of her test for the nerve construction and ability to function evaluations as they should have been evaluated as +1 in stead of -1.
However the result is what is is and can not be complained. I am looking forward to re-testing her or /MH- testing her for comparison.
25.5.2014 MH - test (Swedish Character / Mental test) - passed / - hyväksytty

O'zone O -litter (04/2013)
O'zone S -litter (2015)

retired from breeding

3.12.2008 - 22.6.2022 (eutanasia; old age troubles)


Multi JCH

Spotnik's Dare Devil

Audax Allegience to Stedfast
INT & NL & NORD & GB & GER CH, WW'02, EW '03

Spotnik's Special Selection

Spotnik's Quick Quackery
S & N CH

Spotnik's Milkmaid

Stedfast Reverse Curse
Calaenos Ajax
Bowdally Fatal Attraction
Spotnik's Treasure O'Tomorrow INT & NORD CH

Labyrinth Perfect Harmony

Labyrinth Oscar Madison

Legacy's Picture Perfect
Spotnik's Onsdag Origo Carriage to Accomac-Town
Spotnik's Molly Maid

O'zone Ebba
S u & FIN & EST & LV CH

Ekryda Grane

Labyrinth Big Spender

Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire
Labyrinth Penny Ante

Ekryda Embla
Cab's Karat
Ekryda Deirdre
FIN & LV CH, FDC Youth Winner & BOS-Youth '03

Jilloc's Girl of Thousand Dream
Timanka's Famous Footsteps Dalming's Fair Play
N & S CH

Timanka's Above All

Jilloc's A Match Made in Heaven

Rocca Al Mare Allegro ad Jilloc's
INT & S & N & DK & FIN CH NordW '99

Ridotto Zoe

Shown in Baby class (5-7 months)

Lappeenranta 21.5.2009 Best Baby Female & HP & Best Female Puppy & BOS-Puppy

Lammi 18.7.2009 Best Female Puppy, HP, BOB-puppy for M. Kärdi (EST)

Tervakoski, FinDAL Speciality Show 28.6.2009 Best Baby Female, HP, 2nd Best Female Puppy for J.-P. Achtergeal (BE)

Shown in Puppy class (7-9 months)

Mikkeli 26.7.2009 Best Female Puppy, HP, BOS-puppy for T. Pukkila (FIN)

Shown in Champion class

19.5.2012 Salzburg (Austria) World Club Winner ÖDaC ÖKV EX 2 for N. Byles (GB)

20.5.2012 WW-12 Salzburg (Austria) EX (in final six) for S. Jarmer

9.6.2012 Riga INT (Latvia) EX 1 CQ Best Female CAC > LV CH! CACIB BOB BOG-2 for V.M.C. Veiga (PT)

18.8.2012 Tallinn INT Baltic Winner 2012(Estonia) EX1 CAC -> EE & BALT CH!! CACIB BALTIC WINNER 2012,2nd Best Female for S. Lovenkjaer (DK)

19.8.2012 Tallinn, Group VI Speciality Show EX1 Best Female BOS for M. Aleksoski (Macedonia)

Druskininkai INT (Lithuania) 3.8.2012 EX1 classCAC Best Female WinnerCAC CACIB BOB BOG-2 (for V. M. Criatovao de Veiga, PT) qualified for Crufts for H. Boelaars (NL)

17.8.2013 Norrköping INT (Sweden) EX1 CQ 2nd Best Female res-CAC res-CACIB for G. Bodegård (SE)

18.8.2013 Eskilstuna INT (Sweden) EX1 CQ "5th BF" for A. Foss (NO)

1.6.2014 Tallinn (Estonia) Estonian Dalmatian Club Speciality & Group VI Speciality EX1 CQ for M. Blaha (A)

11.2.2017 Tallinn WinterCup-17 INT (Estonia); EX1 CQ VetCAC > EE VetCH, BOS-Vet 4th Best Female for B. Müller (CH)

8.4.2017 Tallinn W-17 INT (Estonia); EX1 CQ BOB-Vet Tallinn Veteran Winner-17 2nd Best Female for Z. Jojkic (HR)

Shown in veteran class

27.5.2017 Moletai (LT) BALTW-17; EX2 for S. Lepasaar (EE)

28.5.2017 Moletai (LT) Mayor's Cup-17; EX1 CAC > LT VCH, BOS-Vet for Y. Ovsyannikova (RU)

11.6.2017 Latvian Winner-17, Riga (LV); EX1 vet-CAC BOB-Vet (shortlisted in final 8 in BIS-Vet) -> LV & BALT VetCH LVVW-17 for (DE)

8.11.2017 German Winner-17, Leipzig; VG for A. McKiernan (IE)

9.11.2017 World Winner-17, Leipzig; EX for Miguel Angel Martinez (ARG)

14.4.2018 TLNW-18, Tallinn (Estonia); EX1 CQ BOB-Vet TLNVW-18 for P. Dameski (Macedonia)

Indira's official show results in Finland

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